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Guidelines - Roadside Clean Up

1. Trash removal is the first step in roadside clean up.

2. Remove invasive plants and scrubs next, especially ones that block views or grow in and around stone walls.

- Invasives: Several invasives should be targeted early due to their relatively small numbers locally, aggressive behavior and negative ecological impact. See the Managing Invasive Plants section for detail, including a list of invasive species that should be targeted first.

- Scrub and volunteer trees: Within the public right-of-way, trees over 1 inch diameter are subject to Town approval prior to removal. When growing in or near stone walls, pulling trees and scrubs out by the roots can damage the wall. Instead, cut at the roots and leave a stump, then apply cut stump herbicide to control resprouts. See Stone Walls & Vegetation for more info.

3. Replant and Stabilize any areas where soil was disturbed to prevent invasives from spreading by seeds or root growth and returning even more vigorously. See the Plantings Guidelines and Recommended Roadside Plants sections for suggestions.