Suburban Roadside Guidelines

The “newness” factor associated with this roadway type mellows as newly planted landscapes mature to balance landscape and architecture. The tendency for individual owner’s design treatments for walls, exterior lighting, and other appurtenances at the roadway edge can lead to discontinuity of the roadway scene.

Most suburban roadways have underground utility systems which gives the opportunity to “smooth” the discontinuities with a continuous planting of informally spaced native shade trees. This would result in more clearly defined the roadway corridors and an attractive foreground for what are often larger residential structures. Where possible, portions of large lawns fronting on the roadway can transition toward the road to a more natural landscape as part of the addition of a continuous native shade tree planting.

To identify your road type, see Roadside Types definitions and Roadsides types map

For a complete list of guidelines, see the Lincoln Roadside Report, pp. 18 - 38